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Arabic: اَلـرَّوْضَـة‎

Greenlight Films recently produced Futuwwa Diaries for British Muslim TV - Sky 845. It is shown every Tuesday 8pm Every Sunday 6pm (Repeat) Online:

A five part web series produced on location in Jordan during January 2018


Insight into the important work by Southfield Community Action Forum in helping young people.

Trailer for an Arabic Summer Retreat

In Conversation with Prof. Mario Sukata


Greenlight storyboarded and worked closely with a 3D vfx studio to create this CGI of the ancient Ka'ba in Makkah which depicts the time known as the Jāhliyya or 'time of ignorance'. 


Greenlight were afforded a rare opportunity to film and produce a six-episode series on the Futuwwa Retreat held by Greensville Trust. Each diary had aimed to focus on the theme of the day which gave insight into the experiences of the teachers and students, and through it the audience was able to gain better understanding of the aim and purpose of such a retreat.

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Inspired by the likes of Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee, Amjid Ali takes us through his long journey into the martial art of Wing Chun; a sojourn that took him to places as far as Hong Kong in order to learn from both sons of Yip Man.

This short film is about the art of BJJ and its physical and spiritual effect on one's self. It is the first in the series of short films on the Prophetic Disciplines, featuring Nisar Shaikh - Black Belt BJJ practitioner - from Carlson Gracie Team in London. Filmed on location during the Futuwwa retreat in Afyon, Turkey and in Nisar's club in Ashford, London, UK.

True + Living - Amir Sulaiman

Futuwwa Retreat 2016 Trailer


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